Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yamalube Outboard Oil


Yamaha's high quality lubricant,
Yamalube Outboard OiL, specially developed to protect your engine, even in the most arduous conditions. This oil is formulated with the best rust and corrosion protection we could find.

When you’ve purchased a product that is at the leading edge of technology you need lubricants designed to meet the needs of this technology. Developed by Yamaha Engineers,
Yamalube Outboard oil ensures that your Yamaha performs at its best while providing your investment with the best protection against wear. Yamalube Outboard oil is so good it’ll even help the competitions product last longer.

Features & Benefits:
-High Quality special mineral oil with excellent anti-wear protection against piston wear and binding, resulting in prolonged Engine life.

-Enhanced cleanliness of engine components, particularly the piston and exhaust port; no sludge produced.
-Outstanding anticorrosion and antirust capability to provide protection for the engine components.

-Low exhaust smoke production – burns without leaving any sticky deposits.

-Reduces ring-sticking, spark-plug fouling and pre-ignition, offering overall operational stability of the engine Withstands high temperatures and pressures of modern engines

-Low aquatic toxicity

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