Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yamaha Ai

Yamaha Ai is a new portable engine developed by Yamaha for small boat user. It is very light and compact. With a powerfull 5,5HP engine, it will give more power than any traditional Long Tail engine. Yamaha Ai is suitable for fishing and transportation. Its integrated 5 liter resin fuel tank is very fuel efficient and anti corrosion. During normal usage, only 3 liter of gasoline is used per day (comparing to Long Tail engine is using 4-5 liter gasoline/day).

This model comes with a big propeller(D:300mm, L:362mm) which means it can travel approximately 15km/h. Yamaha Ai is a 4Stroke model with low noise and smoke. It is operated just like a ordinary outboard engine, can be tilt for 55 degrees and comes with the stop engine button. The unit is very durable, made from strong aluminium and stainless steel.

If you are looking for fuel economic, good value, compact and durable, Yamaha Ai is the answer.

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Status: Ready Stock

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