Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Outboard engine is better than inboard

Here are some of opinions on why outboard engine is better than inboard:

"i would prefer outboards to inboard GAS engines. These are my opinions:inboards are somewhat dangerous because of the fumes, gas issue. Dont forget to run those blowers. You will know if you forget.inboards take much more abuse than outboards. Most of the times they are run hard to keep a good speed. They are always in a bind. Notice what the rpm's are in your vehicle v/s what rpm an inboard runs. shafts, transmissions, stuffing boxes, rudders. More maint.Exhaust leaksGas hogsBelts, hoses, thru hulls, water pumps.packed in tight spaces making it hard to work on them.These are a few thing to be concerned with"


"I picked outboards for my new boat.
Here's why,
#1 reason, EASY maintenance!

#2 Easy to change your engine oil and lower unit oil

No draining, no antifreeze,,ohh and the
outboard is right in front of you and ultra easy to get at. Your not hanging down in the bilge to work on your inboard.

#3) You can trim your entire propulsion system out of the salt water! No shafts, no rudders.

#4) Backing up is a whole lot eaiser. You have a choice on whether your stern goes to port or starboard. With a single
inboard it always goes one way.

#5) You want to use your boat in January? No problem, put it in, start the motors and head out. When you get home all you HAVE to do is make sure they are in the down position. No draining of the block. If your in the mood, re-fog the cylinders.

#6) If your in real skinny water, you can trim those outboards just about right out of the water, with the
inboard, your prop is right down there with no place to go.

And lastly, If you hit a pot rope and it's cold water, trim the
outboard right up, and free the rope. With your inboard,,,,your getting wet.

With an Inboard the maintenance is more than outboard!!!!! "

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