Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The new Yamaha 225HP V6 Offshore is lighter, faster and more fuel efficient. It can run on 87 Octane fuel which can be found easily.
The new 4.2L V6 Offshore four strokes are substantially lighter than any other four stroke outboard (of similar horsepower) currently produced. They use a combination of
new materials and processes, like plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders and an advanced polymer lower engine pan to reduce weight, and a lot of forward-thinking and effort. While lighter, they still retain Yamaha’s hard-earned reputation for durability and reliability.

In short, a great deal of research and planning, and the innovative application of materials and technologies that are proven in other industries, yet new to an outboard application. One example is “Plasma-Fused Sleeveless Cylinders”, where customary steel cylinder sleeves are replaced by a plasma-fusion process. The resulting cylinder walls are 60% harder than steel. This not only saved weight, but also allowed us to increase displacement, without enlarging the outer diameter of the cylinder. Of course, there are other weight-saving and power-enhancing features at work here, too, but suffice it to say Yamaha engineers have realized previously unimaginable low weight and high displacement in a V6 four stroke outboard. This results in breakthrough four stroke performance.

The new Yamaha 4.2L V6 Offshore outboards have the fastest time-to-plane of any four stroke offshore outboard, with Variable Camshaft timing for outstanding acceleration, and top speed comparable to or better than competitive outboards of the same horsepower, including two strokes*. And cruising speed is up to 19% faster than competitive four strokes, too (4000 rpm). Keep in mind that actual results can vary due to many different factors, including boat type, load, speed, water and atmospheric conditions, hull condition, operator ability, etc.

Offshore outboards are most often operated at mid-range throttle settings. In extensive Yamaha on-water testing, fuel economy on the new Yamaha V6 Offshore outboard was 17% better at 3500 rpm than its closest in-class competitor. When you consider that’s a direct comparison of competitive four stroke outboards, that’s really saying something.

amalube Outboard 4Strokes® oil is required which is certified with the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA®) FC-W® stamp of approval for marine use. Yamalube Outboard 4Strokes® is NMMA FC-W-certified and are manufacturer-recommended. Using Yamalube Outboard 4Strokes® is important because it has the chemical formulation and corrosion resistance necessary for marine engines—automotive engine oils do not measure up to this standard. Yamalube Outboard 4Strokes® is available at your local Yamaha Marine main dealer.

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